About APIE

The Aspen Partnership for an Inclusive Economy

America’s economic and social divides are threatening to break our country apart. So the Aspen Institute is stepping forward. Through the Aspen Partnership for an Inclusive Economy (APIE), we’re uniting Institute experts with a diverse range of public, private and non-profit leaders to help reconstruct our global economy so it drives greater security, opportunity and resilience for all.

We’re convening changemakers — from local youth and tribal groups to small and growing businesses to national labor organizations and global corporations — to set new and higher standards for responsible private sector leadership. And we’re connecting people realizing breakthroughs at the community level with those crafting policy at the national and global level, to ensure widespread policy change is informed by what works and what is just.

As the nation grapples with what comes next, the Aspen Institute and its partners have an opportunity to help shape a new economy. An economy that works for all. One in which every American, regardless of ZIP code, can know the comfort of a safe home, the security of savings, the dignity of work fairly rewarded, and the power of a voice that yields change. An economy in which every American can feel hope that’s rooted in reality and knows no bounds.

What is an Inclusive Economy?